Modern solutions from the world of agricultural equipment

Following a survey of market needs, the publisher of the market-leading MezőHír launched its agricultural equipment magazine 4 years ago. Distributed nationwide with an audited circulation of 10,000 copies, GÉPmax holds a unique position in media research studies amongst readers interested in machinery procurement. The content of the magazine includes machinery presentations, tests and news and interesting items from the world of agricultural equipment.

GÉPmax is published 11 times a year, by the 20th of every month.
A combined June-July edition is published in the middle of the year, at the start of June.
Submission deadline: 25th of the month preceding publication.

Image advertisement:
1/1 293,000 HUF 1050 EUR
½ 166,000 HUF 590 EUR
¼ 87,000 HUF 310 EUR
1/8 55,000 HUF 200 EUR

Technikboerse rates:
20 machines 600 EUR